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Archos 70b eReader rilasciato 2011.06.30.

File scaricato 142 volte ed stato visto 7000 volte.

Categoria Tavolette grafiche
Marchio Archos
Dispositivo 70b eReader
Sistema operativo Firmware
File dimensione 88.07 Mb
Rilasciato 2011.06.30
Trova & Scarica

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Firmware for Archos 70b eReader How to install a firmware.­ Firmware is another name for Operating System (OS) or System Software.­ Below,­ you will find the instructions and the latest software to update your specific ARCHOS device.­ You do not have to install all the updates,­ only the most recent one.­ Each update takes into account all the previous updates unless specified otherwise.­ 1.­ Download the update file for your device « update.­img ».­ You can save it to the desktop of your computer for example.­ 2.­ Connect the USB cable to your Archos and your computer so that the Archos is seen as an external hard drive (as normal).­ 3.­ Copy the « update.­img » to the root of the device.­ Do not place it into any folder of the Archos,­ just to the root level of the device.­ 4.­ Unplug your device safely as usual using the green « disconnect safely » arrow in the system tray.­ 5.­ The Archos will find the update automatically and display a message box offering to install this new firmware.­ Before tapping on "Install",­ you need to connect the charger/­adapter DC-IN to your device.­ Important warning: Upgrading your device's software will reset all your settings (including the WiFi settings).­ 6.­ Once the firmware update process is completed,­ your Archos tablet will automatically restart.­ You must then go though the installation wizard.­ Not only will this process allow you to configure the basic settings of your player.­

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