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Archos 70 internet tablet (ver. 2.­4.­83) rilasciato 2012.02.29.

File scaricato 280 volte ed stato visto 7774 volte.

Categoria Tavolette grafiche
Marchio Archos
Dispositivo 70 internet tablet
Sistema operativo Firmware
Versione 2.­4.­83
File dimensione 89.71 Mb
Rilasciato 2012.02.29
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Firmware for Archos 70 internet tablet How to install a firmware.­ Firmware is another name for Operating System (OS) or System Software.­ Below,­ you will find the instructions and the latest software to update your specific ARCHOS device.­ You do not have to install all the updates,­ only the most recent one.­ Each update takes into account all the previous updates unless specified otherwise.­ ARCHOS GEN10 XS tablets,­ ARCHOS G9 tablets &­ Archos 28/­32/­43/­70/­101 internet tablet Via a WiFi Connection Update your device directly by going to Menu > Settings > About Device > Firmware Update and then follow the instructions.­ Without a WiFi Connection Step 1.­ Download the firmware to your computer When you download the update file,­ your browser may warn you that the file 'could be harmful'.­ This is normal because browsers are not familiar with files that have a .­AOS extension and suspect that they could be malicious.­ These files are not harmful to your computer.­ Step 2.­ Connect the ARCHOS to your computer with the USB cable.­ Once the cable is connected,­ select "Mount" on your Archos and wait a few seconds for the ARCHOS to be detected by the computer.­ Step 3.­ Copy and paste the downloaded firmware (.­AOS file) onto the ARCHOS device Your ARCHOS device will be detected as a 'Hard Drive' in Windows® Explorer.­ Open this Hard Drive and you will see the various ARCHOS folders inside (Video,­ Music,­ etc.­).­ Paste the update file into this area but be careful not to paste it into any of the folders there.­ Step 4.­ Disconnect the Device Once the file is finished copying to the ARCHOS,­ unplug the USB cable.­ Step 5.­ Allow the Device to Update itself Once you disconnect the USB cable,­ the device will recognize the new update file and invite you to install it.­ Follow the on-screen instructions.­ If it does not suggest an update,­ this means that the update file did not get placed onto the device or it got accidentally placed into one of the folders.­ You can open the File manager application on the ARCHOS,­ locate the update file you have copied to it,­ and then open it directly to start the update.­

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